Hey guys.
So, where do you guys store your passwords?
It's getting hard to keep track of so many logins and passwords now that I have the time to learn, try new stuff, meddle with VPS and shit and I can't keep track of everything.

Ps: must save somewhere online (or at least backups) and be multi platform (windows + Linux + Android

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    I store my password (and all my important thoughts, cards, bank details, et cetera) in a MS Excel.

    The said file is encrypted by in-built password mechanism.

    With a little research you'll learn that it is impossible to crack MS Excel's password.

    Moreover with cross platform accessibility, I store the file on Google Drive.

    Can be accessed via web browser without having to download it on any machine.

    On Android you can directly open it via a third party app which downlaods it as a temporary (which is discarded later).

    With respect to offline access on Android, you can download it on phone. On updating the file, just download the latest version again.

    My file has evolved over years now with nearly 10+ sheets and different formats and contents with macros.

    Good luck! 😊
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    keepass2 file in my nextcloud storage
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    I use masterpasswordapp. It generates a password from your name, your master password and site/service/domain you enter
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    @Floydian loved the ideia, very old school, like me...
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    I use SafeInCloud and I am very happy with it!
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    I use KeepassXC to store mine check them out @ https://keepassxc.org/
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    Truecrypt one password for all passwords
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    @junners and kepassxc has the better browserextension
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    I wonder what @linuxxx uses
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    @retnikt Used to use Encryptr, then Bitwarden and now genuinely my own memory! Bitwarden would be my go-to though. Also keepass for offline password storing.
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    I'm liking the excel ideia...
    Made a program for the same intent two decades ago with visual basic and a password protected access database...
    And I can make a program with a excel file as db
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