Anyone watched E3 ?
What got you the most excited for ?
Personally I'm pretty hyped for Smash Ultimate, Doom Eternal, fallout 76 and eventually Death Stranding

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    Only thing what I'm intrested (what I have also seen) is (Project) Octopath traveller, and DMC
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    no half-life 3

    fuck this shit
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    @BambuSource Well does valve anymore have any story / writers inside? Didn't HL2 writer left valve year or two ago?
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    @amatrelan yep, we even got the script for episode 3 that way, but they started recruiting new writers recently
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    @amatrelan @albi they bought the firewatch devs, didn't they?
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    TES VI Confirmed!
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    The Last of Us part II, Resident Evil 2 Remake, and Death Stranding but I'm gonna wait for the reviews, it's really weird
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    @albi they recruited new writers? Is there still hope?
    There’s a fan made mod in development that is based around that script that Laidlaw released

    As for E3: Doom might be interesting, but Fallout 76? I dunno. I personally love the Fallout franchise but it was way better before Bethesda imo.
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    HITMAN 2 (Call the sequel police!) and Just Cause 4.
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    Cyberpunk 2077
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    @herrybiscuit oh shit I totally forgot about that
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    Minecraft 1.13
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    The 2 new TES games which I'm really excited for. By the way Bethesda posted a video "Skyrim: Very Special Edition". That looks amazing too. 😁
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