I'd like to create my own pastebin-like service...

So I'd like to ask which features do you miss (or hate) in these services?

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    I personally would probably not use it, but here are some ideas/features which would be fun

    Self destroy in X time or when it was opened

    Password protected posts

    Syntax highlighting

    Being able to comment on a specific line

    Markup support

    QR code for mobile sharing

    Spoiler sections (where you have to click on a section before you can see the text inside)

    Like / dislike / favourite

    Dark/night mode

    Light/day mode
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    If it is done nicely and maybe is selfhostable, I would use it. I think mostly the same as @incognito about the features one thing I would add is support for multiple files in one link to share a collection of stuff as well as a good API to use this service in software.
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    @mee4895 yeah, self hostable
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    If/When there is a project link to follow the development (i.e. Github) plz share it here. :)
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    It will be open source and prepared for docker :-)
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    @mee4895 Sure :)
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    Something like hastebin is probably a good role model.
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    Optional end to end encryption!
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    @linuxxx Why should it be optional?
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    @Papi A pastebin service is public usually and you can't share the password with everyone :)
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    @linuxxx I thought you wanted to have auto-generated encryption key in URL. End-to-end encryption via custom password is already implemented ;-)
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    @Papi Client side encryption I hope? :D
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    @linuxxx Of course... it's end-to-end
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    // Better quality: https://imgur.com/a/nRaz8SV
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    I quite like it give us a link to try it out :-)
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    @mee4895 It's not finished yet... Wait about 1 week :)
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    @Papi take all the time you need to make great software.
    But I am still impatient sorry for that :-)
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