I already talked about it in another rant but here it is !

This year, I got the chance to teach PHP to my fellow students in my uni.
PHP was the first programming language I ever learned (5 years ago) and this year I had a PHP class in my uni. I knew that I would not learn anything new (as I'm more competent than the teacher). So my teacher let me help the other students when I had finished the exercices. Then my teacher got sick and I, kinda officially, replaced him during 3 weeks.
I'm very thankful that he gave me that chance and thanks to him I discovered a new part of IT that I didn't knew. And even if I didn't learn anything new in PHP, I learned a lot by troubleshooting others projects and trying to understand how they reason. I really developed a new soft skill that I never knew I would have.

That also really helped me to trust myself and I got more confident about my programming skills.
This is one of the best experiences I got during my studies so far.

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    So, they still teach PHP? Awesome. And congrats.
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    @voodoo14 Yeah, they usually use it as a starting point to OOP
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    @Lycocain nope ! It’s only procedural, that one of the reasons I didn’t learn anything. But I tried to convince my teacher to change the lesson for next year. The way he does the project really looks like a rest API but currently it’s not. So I’m tried to convince I’m to do it next year
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