Too much stupid today..

Client: "Our server is almost full, fix it"

Me: "Okay, you can upgrade the VM, or I can see if theres anything that can be cleaned up?"

C: "Clean it up"

Me: *Finds 5 extra MySQL DB's that amount to 50-60GB in total*

Me: "Well I can remove some of your extra databases, and some of the local backups, as they're also backed up offsite. They're currently unused and dated back to the beginning of 2017, everything is out of date anyways."

C: "No"

Me: "Okay, is there a reason?"

C: "No"

Me: "Okay, so we'll upgrade the VM?"

C: "No"

Me: "I'm sorry, but those are really your two options"

C: "Just fix it"
What in the ducking fuck !@#$#%?
If you're so fuggin smart, then why do they pay me?
I'm clearly stupid and unable to read your mind.

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    Compressing the dbs into gzip tar balls, if not already might yield a tiny bit space.

    Otherwise, well.
    You can't fix it without giving him free upgrade or deleting stuff
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    @lotd Yeah that could help a bit... But these DB's were just copies of production, uselessly sitting there and over a year outdated lol :P
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    Oh hey my every day life!
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    buy a wd essential harddsisk for $90 move the old backups on to it. Delete it on the server. Store the disk next to the server.
    Send invoice.
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    @heyheni oh no we totally could. But the DB's get backed up to s3 nightly. At this point, it's really just useless 1 year + old copies that were being used at the time, but are no longer needed :P
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    @linuxxx Took me way too long to realize the avatar change πŸ˜‚
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    You are a professional in your field.
    They are not.

    Clearly they're not aware of this.
    Perhaps a reminder is in order?
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    Maybe you need to say to your client with analogy, like a nuts in the basket that over of capacity.. 😏
    Even if this not work, you can fade your client down in the deeeep blue sea.... πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    @Rundle time to delete so useless dB backups and when they asked how you fixed it just say well I fixed it like you said.
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    Remove those 1+ year old database backups, silently.

    Than say. Tadaaaaaa. Now you having enough space for several months.

    Trust me. I'm an expert!

    The invoice position shall be labeled
    "Retrieved diskspace from magic land of wonders"

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    Unmount that partition.

    You: Fixed.

    C: What did you do?

    You: No.

    C: What. Did. You. DO?

    You: fixed it.
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    If on Linux, delete the originals, Symlink them to the offsite backup (using SSHfs if possible to mount the remote system).
    Of course, assuming that the server can see the backup and the user had rw on it.
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    Lmao, you guys are giving me the best entertainment possible for this situation. Truth be told, I've imagined most of these things, so that tells me I'm on the same page atleast πŸ˜‰

    Dump - - > make tar ball and send to s3 (as a backup of the backup) - - > truncate *walks away whistling because technically the DB's are still there, just empty*
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    @ilPinguino that's actually a creative idea, reasonable too... I never thought of thatπŸ‘
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    “Just fix it” = Do what you want :p
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    Haha, if you think this is stupid, wait till a client asks you to bring the server to their home because their connection to "said server" is slow and the want faster access when working from home.
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    "Client: hi, we aren't getting enough tap water. Fix it.
    You: well, I can check if the pipes need cleaning or you can upgrade to bigger pipes.
    Client: check the pipes.
    You: they are clogged. Shall I unclog them?
    Client: no.
    You: so we upgrade to bigger pipes?
    Client: no.
    You: why?
    Client: no."

    Maybe translating it to something every moron can understand will make the client see how retarded he sounds. Then again, your post was already quite logical.
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    @Caedendi I thought it was a pretty reasonable line of questions πŸ˜‚ Apparently not
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    "Just fix it" means you can do whatever you want... End of discussion.

    You can always point out he told you that and there is no risk involved what so ever by deleting obsolete already off site data. You did your job by taking the best action to fix it.
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    @Rundle don't remove the databases, just truncate the tables 😏
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    @LrdShaper ahhh that'd be sneakyπŸ˜‚ Technically they'd still be there!
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