Adventues with Teachers: Story I

This is a story about an English Teacher that happened to our school in front of 7 year olds.

She doesn't really teach, she just plays movies for them.

So a typical lesson of her goes like this. Turn on the projector, Open the Movie via this streaming site. Most of the times ad's open mostly about betting and stuff but this time when suddenly a Porn Ad opened in front of 7 year olds. Instead of unplugging the Projector like a Normal Person she stands in front of it, jumping moving with her arms to hide it...

Not only that some kids started crying, because they couldn't see what she was hiding. So she spent the entire lesson hiding and trying to cheer children up...

What a great lesson that was...

Why could have that happened. Idk maybe next time either Torrent your Movies or install a fucking ad blocker so you don't have to deal with any kind of ads, especially those!

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    @Alice they cried because the kids in front saw more and the kids in the back didn't see at all
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    @Alice idk, this is really what I got from my brother.
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    @AlpineLinnix wouldn't count on that.

    My cousin cried because of every little thing he didn't like when he was 7-8.
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