I keep wondering if there’s a case of someone stealing another’s rant. And what the other person would say to the thief.

“You stole my rant” or “That was suppose to be my rant” or something along that line.


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    @Alice and who did you steal today?
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    Actually there was a troll on devRant not that long ago, yodude, that straight up commented on a rant that he was steeling someone else's comment then made a post of the original comment and people were not happy (including the OP)
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    i post links to rants i can find

    it's hard to keep track of shit on here (at least on web). rant profiles only go so far back it seems. search isn't the greatest.

    some times though i'll see shit like "bugs are little mosters" and then an hour or 2 later "bugs are little devils" - like uhhhh? wtf?

    or once i put something about GNU+Linux and not GNU/Linux, someone else had the same topic w/o the meme pic i made and also + instead of / (which a few ppl mentioned)

    it is weird...like, what are you proving? what are you doing? there's some post where "okay MAYBE you happened to think the same thing" - but some are blatant rip offs. idk what these ppl think they're accomplishing.
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    @zlice 😂
    Let me add some context


    @S-Homles ?
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    @Alice I was always yours
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    It's my turn to post this next
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