I just realized i haven't left my home in 4 days.

If i die, please commit my code before calling an ambulance.

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    I haven't been outside in three weeks

    Please send help
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    The fucks an ambulance for if you're dead? You'd need a black corpse van thingy, whatever it's called
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    How you guys get food?
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    @devTea I was asking myself this.
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    4 days? I stopped counting at some point, but I started going out again a month ago.
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    What's wrong with first sentence?
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    What is this "outside" people talk about?
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    no push?
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    My girlfriend has had my car the last three days. My sanity is slowly waning.
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    I will commit you to the hearse.
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    Git commit
    Git push
    Git hearse
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    Just had the same issue because of that stupid broken toe.. luckily it's only been a week and I had some food left to ration on. But it was absolute hell to realize that I couldn't go to the store again to buy some more and eat whatever the fuck I wanted to.

    Luckily it's only been for a short period of time, and the store next door opened up again from renovations as well. So my foot has mostly healed by now (which I expected to take 4-6 weeks.. thanks internet) and I can once again walk a short distance to get my groceries.

    It's difficult when you're used to grocery shopping every other day though. Not sure how others manage it, at least without support from someone else.
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    Most of the people is saying "oh the sun is shining, it's so beautiful outside. How can you stay inside". I'll never understand those people. Why do you have to go outside because it's shiny? There is no damn written rule.
    So - I'm not alone 😀 thanks
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