! rant, I hope😗

To anybody with MySQL/Mariadb experience, how different are these two as I need to pick one for a database application I'm building.

Also, and God will I sound like an amature for asking, is it best practice to debug and deploy the SQL database on an actual hosted server or to just do it on the client PC? I have both and I want to work with whichever one will give me less of a headache.😣

Any feedback would be helpful! The server is Debian and the client is Arch Linux.

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    Maria db is open source community based branched out of MySQL code. Pick Maria db.
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    MariaDb is just MySQL with more regular updates.
    If you know 1 you already know the other, although MariaDB does have a few quirks fixed that you may be used to having in MySQL for good and bad.
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    What they said.

    Maria db just gets faster updates and has small quality of life things.

    As for the headaches, just make sure your database design is good and that you mirror your structure.

    Beware of triggers and collations, those two will fuck your day up.

    Otherwise, I use local mostly for development and optimization.
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    Ps, I do optimization locally cause my work pc is slower, so if I get an increase there, I know it can't be a coincidence lol
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    Thanks for the feedback guys. I guess I'll commit to Mariadb. Now if only we can get oracle to sell off the good parts of Java. 😉

    I think I'm going to setup the database on the server as I may need to access it from different clients. Anything I need to look out for with security when setting up SQL for remote access?
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    Also I dumped my Debian server as the package conflicts were causing my SQL database grief. To give RedHat credit, their yum and rpm packages are managed a lot better.
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    @starrynights89 if possible, use a vpn, than you an lock down the account to localhost and a dedicated ip. And the rest is just good server hygiëne, good firewall, fail 2 an etc...
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