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    You can see clouds trought your window
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    @afanneau i know. I set terminal transparency to 75
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    @fuck2code thx, I'm working hard To become a nice ranter
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    @fuck2code maybe you could create a welcoming rant to introduce new ranters.
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    Would be super cool if the black transparent background would blur what's behind it or be flat
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    @BambuSource i've been looking around the internet. i dont think its possible
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    Do you use that OS for C# aswell and im assuming youre doing it with .net core 2
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    New terminal

    I cant seem to find out how to have a blur background though
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    That's some good shit right there 👍
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    I guess what you mean is the visual studio icon.

    No, i don't do c# on this machine i do it on my stationary computer which runs Windows.

    Its the icon of visual studio code which is a whole other thing than the other visual studio things.

    Visual studio code is a text editor also made by Microsoft.
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    @HampusMa oh ok what dev do u do in Linux
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    Dammit! I was sure I'm invisible
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