Client: About this QR code for my website, can we change it?
Me: Well we could redirect, but what's wrong with it?
Client: I just dont like the pattern, it's too noisy...
Me: 🙃

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    Wish we can make dick shape QR codes.
  • 9
    @fuck2code don't talk. act. :3

    And sell it to Pornhub. Gimme 30% in cash.
  • 2
    Clients can be such dim wankers at times.
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    Actually we can change the pattern tho. No, don't tell him, just rant 😂😂
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    But it's possible. Even without changing the URL. You should learn about that.
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    Use dotcodes instead
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    Rainbow tables for QR codes incoming.
  • 1
    You can insert any image in QR code ;)
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    When you're searching for bugs with criticality level 6!
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