The next mentor was my first boss at my previous job:

2.- Manager EA

So, I got new in the job, I had a previous experience in other company, but it was no good. I learned a lot about code, but almost nothing about the industry (project management, how to handle requirements, etc.) So in this new job all I knew was the code and the structure of the enterprise system they were using (which is why the hired me).

EA was BRILLIANT. This guy was the Manager at the IT department (Software Development, Technology and IT Support) and he was all over everything, not missing a beat on what was going on and the best part? He was not annoying, he knew how to handle teams, times, estimations, resources.

Did the team mess something up? He was the first in line taking the bullets.

Was the team being sieged by users? He was there attending them to avoid us being disturbed.

Did the team accomplished something good? He was behind, taking no credit and letting us be the stars.

If leadership was a sport this guy was Michael Jordan + Ronaldo Nazario, all in one.

He knew all the technical details of our systems, and our platforms (Server Architectures both software and hardware, network topology, languages being used, etc, etc). So I was SHOCKED when I learned he had no formation in IT or Computer Science. He was an economist, and walked his way up in the company, department from department until he got the job as IT Manager.

From that I learned that if you wanna do things right, all you need is the will of improving yourself and enough effort.

One of the first lessons he taught me: "Do your work in a way that you can go on holidays without anyone having to call you on the phone."

And for me those are words to live by. Up to that point I thought that if people needed to call me or needed me, I was important, and that lessons made me see I was completely wrong.

He also thought me this, which became my mantra ever since:


Thank you master EA for your knowledge.

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