What's the point of a farewell email at work?

Just got another today from a random guy we don't really know with his # and personal email.

The only thing I can think of doing with it is feeding it to a spambot?

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    In case he was the only one knowing particular code very well for example, to find him even after he left
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    @JoshBent and hire him back for a lot more?

    Hmm... I could see that.... Though it would have to be a lot...
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    keeping contacts. not burning bridges.

    it is usually bs politeness and stupid but eh, you never know.

    unless you really just wana drop a "half baked" lol
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    Just wait till he sends glitter mail all over the company 🙃
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    You get weirded out by politeness huh?
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    @s0nic12 I get weirded when a stranger comes up to me and says "Hi! You may know me. Bye!"
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