So I finally fixed the keyboard of my MacBook.

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    You could put a model m in there :)
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    @b3b3 it's a pain to dissasemble and replace the soldered connectors....
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    Close the lid with the keyboard I dare you 🙅🙅🙅
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    @drekhi12 My biggest fear
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    Solid engineering.

    If this was a code review I would approve.
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    To be fair. a MacBook Air isn’t a suitable dev PC. Under powered and slow as shit
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    @ngBuild what if one is just starting out & all they had was  products . What MacBook is suitable ?
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    But but apple hw is the best /s
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    Looks fixed to me.
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    @ngBuild Depends. I have a 9 year old iMac which still runs my stuff solidly fast. As long as you’re not doing the most insane stuff, any modern computer will be sufficient.
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    @DuckDuckWent don’t get me wrong. My 2012 iMac is still faster than most peoples PCs... but I’ve seen people using a 4GB/i5 MacBook Air to compile complex Angular/electron apps, and wonder why it takes 15 mins to build & package and max their CPU out...

    Now, I have a 2017 Touchbar MacBook Pro. Only an i5, but 16gb Ram and It still takes me between 3-5 mins to build an angular app and package it for Mac,win and Linux on electron.. (for anyone that’s familiar with angular/electron and thinks this is slow, this app has over 320 individual .ts components. 200 SCsS files and unit/e2e test files that are over 3000 Lines long..)
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