Meh... Have been on devrant for more than 1,5 hours today... Maybe I should study for my last exam tomorrow instead of being online here...

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    Is that a xiaomi inbuilt function?
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    @JoshBent iOS 12 beta lol
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    @sergeyBrin oh lol, they do look alike 🤣
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    @JoshBent for this yes, I’m developing for iOS on a project for late september so making it already iOS 12 compatible. And then I thought adding a timer to devrant.
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    @sergeyBrin "ignore limit" is a flaw though
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    @JoshBent that’s because I set up myself as a parent. If you set a childeren account, managed account, they can’t change it. They need the pass I set up for it.
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    @sergeyBrin ah, I see, didn't know that haha
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    Nice feature but I'll probably tap on "Ignore Limit" every time...
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    @JS96 step 1: set a random password you won’t remember
    step 2: forget that password.
    step 3: can’t press ignore button

    Ps: better screen record the password for the case you need to change it as devrant.com doesn’t work either.
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    @sergeyBrin I tried something similar millions of times:
    1) set a random password
    2) encrypt the random password with a random key
    3) save the key in a remote place, e.g. in an old email account, or somewhere on GitHub (in a random private repo, in a random directory), or just give it to someone you know to have always a backup

    But I tend to look for it every time after a few hours or a couple of days, so it doesn't work for me.
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