I installed ArchLinux on my smartphone thanks to termux, and now i kinda feel like a god, but don't know what to do.
I'm bored.

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    That is so awesome. How did u do that is there any guide for it ? Help a brother out, thanks in advance
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    Now install Gentoo
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    @thevariableman just install termux, and read its wiki, the installation of Debian doesn't work, but i think the others distros are fine
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    Looked on YouTube about installing arch.... I'll just stick with Ubuntu...
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    @LeFlawk the keyboard is messageEase, it is maked to ve very fast with one finger.
    The QWERTY keyboard is for two hand use and not useful on a phone.
    Is a little hard to learn to use the messageEase keyboard, bpt then you will love it.
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    @ScribeOfGoD @dontPanic man, i just typed like 4 instructions, and run a script, the only hard part was to update and upgrade, because i'm still a noob, so, i can't do it with gentoo, and you sure will can succefully install some distro with temux
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    @ScribeOfGoD I tried arch. I guess it's nice if you want to configure everything to work the way you want. In the end I went back to Ubuntu for its ease of use.
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    @zlice yes, you need proot, and follow the instructions in its wiki https://wiki.termux.com/wiki/PRoot
    Is not really hard, you need wget, a link and execute a script.
    The hard part was to update and upgrade, but i'm noob yet, and i'm not a native english speaker, some words were hard to understand when i was googling, i'm sure you all can do this very fast
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    @zlice i think it work fine for me, just installed it, but, i don't know how to use it

    @SpaceBearOne man, with termux and proot you can install like 6 distros, the debian does'nt work, and i don't want kali nor blackarch, so, tried arch, and worked, is not like the pc installation, i really fear the arch installation
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