Sometimes the Front End Developers...

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    I think chrome has built in ruler for this...
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    I that actually happened to me!

    I had to replace a monitor for a client. an old 15" shitty one, replacing it with a new shiny 22"

    the client was not around when I replaced it, so I just left. (was kinda in-house support, so not a problem)

    I got a call from my boss later then, that the client called totally outraged. asking how he is supported to work now. the symbols are so small.

    so, I went to the trash, fishing out some shitty but working 17" and replaced the 22" with it. "meh, I don't care..." so I though.

    the fun part was when I met the client again when switching monitors ...
    he literally measured the icons on the screen with a ruler and HAD A LIST with the sizes of the icons on the old 15" one (!!!) to prove me that "what ever I made" made the icons smaller...

    I mean ... I thought that there must be a limit in being paranoid. but I am obviously wrong. so wrong ...
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    @Rohr CSS comes with 'cm' for measurement ;) Haha. Joke aside, I've done this, but more to check that the measurement is correct or if the producers of my screens did a good job.. Because uniformity is love, but never the love we seem to get.
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    Been there 🤣
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    @rEaL-jAsE interesting. Does it account for dpi of the monitor/screen?
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    I often measure using post-it notes but lately I've given up and just started centering everything.
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    Centimeter measurements in CSS only work at exactly 96 DPI though. With most modern computer monitors having higher pixel densities, 5cm will be 3.5-4.5cm if you measure it on your display.
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    once had to implement a template for generated pdfs from a piece of paper. the easiest way to get the measurements right in the least amount of time was:
    - zoom out my pdf-viewer until the edge of the pdf had the same length as the sheet of paper
    - use a ruler for comparisons of margins etc...

    it's not dumb if it works :-P
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    @bittersweet did not know that. Interesting. Thanks!
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    My father still has one of this. with 2 rulers and bigger...

    Guess It fits a 100+ monitor...
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    @Rohr ... Couldn't you just lower res?
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    @fredisinbed I had these discussions like a million times with 'customers'.
    when old 4:3 monitors like this dies ... they, of course getting a new 16:9 one. so nowadays 22", 23"...
    and they usually come with default resolution 1680x1050

    that is not a resolution you are unable to work with ... no way.
    if it is, get glasses because your eyes are bad. that is all.

    sounds harsh but in fact ... believe it or not ... there is software that does not support resolution of 1024x768 any more :D

    and running 1280x1024 on a 16:9 screen looks like something is broken. ^^

    and in the end ... ALL of the people who made this scene when I was replacing their monitors, lived with it happy ever after or got glasses :D

    some people just have this desire to make a scene ^^
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    @Rohr hm, I guess that makes sense. I mean, personally, I wouldn't downgrade on either resolution or size, but I guess poor eyesight could be a hindrance.
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    @fredisinbed yes totaly. especialy if you do not except that you need glasses or other heplers for 100% vision.
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    I sometimes use the width of my fingers as a measure :P
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