Tips for people new to programming

1. Start counting from zero
2. Trees are upside down, root's probably at the top
3. Warnings are usual, go rogue!

What more? 😂

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    4. Turn on show hidden files.
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    5. Clouds are other's computers
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    6. Don't be afraid to use the terminal/console: now you have a new friend.
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    7. Learn git
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    8. Dark theme everything
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    Good job contradicting yourself in the first fucking tip
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    Forget to mark as a joke/meme
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    12. Use vim AND an IDE
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    Where's "Hello World!"??🤔
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    13. Fix your warnings, they are there for your benefit...
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    14. console.log. All. The. Time.
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    15. If it works on first try then IT'S A TRAP!
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    16. Always document your work
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    Different error messages are friend not foe.
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    17. Triple-check everything.
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    @N3vR send links to learn using debugger....
    I know only basic usage of debugger and no more....
    Been searching since 2 months but failed to learn more
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    20: Don't be afraid to dive into lower level languages like C or any Assembly. That knowledge will prove very useful later on!
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    Learning what to google is 75% of the battle
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    21. Name your Variables meaningful.
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    22. Language before Frameworks!
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    23. If you don't find solution, it's not the end of the world, use StackOverFlow, and make it work!

    24. Code hard, don't hardcode!

    @akashvartak, @kkdev do you want add anything?
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    @htlr @kkdev @kalex
    25. Unable to solve an issue or bug and getting frustrated? Be patient, take a break for the code, relax and then back to your issue, more often than not you'll now find a good solution to your issue. Basically start with a fresh mind.

    26. Get a fresh perspective on things. If possible, talk to team mates and get suggestions and different ideas.

    27. Dont code for hours a stretch, you are unknowingly draining your brain to the limit. This is unhealthy in the long run.

    28. Every 30-40 minutes, get up and walk around, stretch a bit. Sitting for a while can harm your shoulder muscles and lower back. Learnt it the hard way. 😞
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    29. Write automated tests for unit and integration testing, at least after the fact.

    30. Try to apply best practises like design prinsiples. DRY (don't repeat yourself), IoC (inversion of control, with dependency injection the big one), at least some SOLID (look it up 😉).

    31. Program against interfaces or contracts, even in JavaScript. Makes your code a hell of a lot easier to change later (i.e. changing from MySQL to DynamoDB or AirTable only affects that specific module, not the rest of the app)

    32. Give back to the community. Help people on StackOverflow (and be nice about it 😉). Found a bug in some documentation or plugin you use? Raise an issue, fork, fix and PR if you are able. The world runs on open source these days.

    33. SSL all the things. Certificates are free, use Let's encrypt if you don't have money.

    34. Hash the damn passwords with a salt.
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    35. Get a ruber duck or a gipsy slave to share your problems
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    36. Do proper estimations: Take the ideal estimation, sum that value up with the worst scenario estimation and triple the resulting value for getting a proper estimation (which in fact has a 50% chance to be correct 😉)
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    And unless you're learning python never forget " ; "
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    37. close the pc sometimes
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    38. Actually read error messages
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    39. OTY after work most of the time
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    40. if your problem seems too complex and hard, get yourself a pen and a sheet o' paper and start laying down your ideias. it actually helps a lot. I find it better to do with lots of drawings and not lots of writing.
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    41. Serverless isn't Serverless
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    @Hakash link?
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    @Hakash @bezorp for let's encrypt? just Google it, it was first link for me
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