Have deleted FB account and uninstalled the app. Devrant gives me all I need for socializing with like minded people.. fuck u fb..

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    I am Groot 👍🎉
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    But sometimes I like to socialize with different minded people...
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    @cafecortado I use something called "real life" to socialize. Whenever I think about why I left most social media I'll just go to twitter and read the reactions on Trump's latest tweet, which is more then enough to keep me away from most social media platforms for a few months.
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    @cafecortado it's always a disappointment.. fb has turned to a platform where people are in the run to show-off their happy life with all the cool things and places they visit... Twitter has turned to a platform where you follow celebs and check their viewpoint .. dare to give ur two cents trollers will shut you the fuck up.. it's too mind consuming.. insta, etc are photogenic twitter for glam celebs.. WHEREAS devrant is so cooooooool.!!
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    Welcome to a world outside of the mass surveillance engine called Facebook!
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    Exactly, but not using social media, however fake it is, is basically impossible for us young folk.

    If you don't have an Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter you're basically excluded from anything social with "peers".

    If you don't have Facebook and LinkedIn not only are you not networking properly, but good luck finding bunkmates in college.

    Shit is frustrating, I have to post fake photos and do the equivalent of narcissisticly bragging about my life, without actually expressing anything of substance whatsoever.
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    The only reason I'm still using Facebook is....some classmates still use that piece of sh*t.... also, few my friends don't want to use Discord, Telegram or something that's not 'Facebook' (except for WhatsApp, it belongs to FaceBook, but it is still better than totally FB stuff), because their friends use Facebook and friends of their friends use Facebook and you know.... that's a stupid circle of popularity of Facebook
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    @RootPixl exactly my point..
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    @groot that's nice thing that we both understand each other
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