Wow. Compared to some other online developer communities (coughcoughStackOverflowcough), devRant is AMAZINGLY light-hearted and welcoming. Great job, everyone here. :)

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    No problem you know coughstackcoughovercoughflowcough is for asking questions not sharing experiences, right?
    Oh, and if you want to ask questions here, like serious deep questions, i recommend going to coughstackcoughovercoughflowcough
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    @CozyPlanes I do understand the difference between SO and devRant; I'm actually a relatively active contributor to Stack Overflow and the other Stack Exchange sites. I was simply noting one of the differences I have noticed between SO and devRant while poking fun at Stack Overflow (which has already acknowledged its problem with friendliness in numerous meta posts).
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    Yeah, just wish so would make a chat area.

    (to be honest, dont. They will make comments by reputation, badges, and many other stupid stuffs)
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    devRant is for ranting and SO is for bitching.
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    @bjorngi i want to triple upvote it...
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