Really hate when people say development for Linux is really difficult, especially when it comes to game development and porting engines...

It really isn't, it's no more difficult to bloody windows and personally think it's easier than Mac development. Worse comes to, mono exists and is pretty damn stable, getting something ported to Linux really isn't as difficult as people try and make it out to be -,-

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    The problem is that there are hundreds of different Linux distributions that you would need to support but there's only one windows and there's only one macOS. Of course you could always just go the route that most companies do and only support Ubuntu.
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    Port DX12 for linux if it is so easy.

    I get your point though. It isn't that hard if that's your target from the start. But it can become an impossible task if you rely on libraries and tech which is only available for windows. Hence my first comment.
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    I think it’s as much company politics as anything else. Also distros fraction the already small user base. Just pointing that out.
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    @DuckyMcDuckFace That's what I would recommend to people, officially support the majority but the others will find there own support, look at google chrome for instance, it doesn't support Arch, but the community took up the reigns.
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    @fuck2code Did you read the text under it. It makes sense then. Context.
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    Well development in general is about risk/reward.
    If there are lets say 500 tutorials and 500 devs for windows and 100 tutorials and 100 devs for linux...
    Its more easier to develop for windows.

    It really isnt helping the fact that Linux still has a low adoption rate and for laptops is super uber bad.

    And other things considered you need a bigger adoption rate for Linux but that will need to make linux closed source or maintained by actual people who care about the "Common Joe"
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    @BigBoo No need for DX12 when you have Vulkan! (By the way, DX11 has a way bigger maket share compared to its newer version)

    But I get your idea
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    @DuckyMcDuckFace That is what i always hear from game devs and companies. This is just a lame excuse.

    Test and port only to Ubuntu and userbase will figure out the rest. %90 of the time it works out of the box with other distros. CentOS is a little different thou.
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    @curlyDev If Linux becomes proprietary, what difference will it have than Windows or Mac ?

    The problem does not lie in OS, but vendors. You are right, laptops are uber bad. Almost all of them has double graphics cars, which is only supported out of the box by Windows, due to licensing issues.

    Vendors only support their hardwares on Windows and they absolutely don't care about other OS. And they are right, since most of the people who bought their laptops will use Windows anyways.
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    @Jilano I agree with that. Almost nobody uses DX12. The majority of games that got it, did because Microsoft was the publisher. And even they rarely manage to get a significant performance increase compared to DX11.

    Also there is now dxvk which is a wrapper that runs DX11 games with Vulkan. This is actually a huge step forward, since the performance is pretty good. As I understand it the port from DX11 to OGL would've been pretty ugly and difficult since DX11 has been considered messy by itself (but damn fast, I have to admit).

    Also there is cuurently no real need to port DX12 to Vulkan (which should be easy though), because to my knowledge every game that has DX12 also supports DX11 but many DX11-Games don't support DX12.
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    @LinusCDE wait... Running dx11 under Vulkan... Since when?! That sounds great, Vulkan is much better in personal experience
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    @lxmcf Yeah. It's just been a few months since this worked well enough.
    I got Outlast 2 running with that, and Overwatch is considered performing really well now.
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    @LinusCDE I need to get on this!
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    @LinusCDE I was not aware of this "dxvk", I'll look into it, thanks!

    Agreed with the rest of your comment. Now we just need to hope that enough studios will consider Linux.

    @lxmcf Definitely! DOOM benchmarks were insane with Vulkan! Called at 200 FPS even in 2k AFAIK
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    @curlyDev Linux adoption is highly slowed by M$ punishing vendors that sell laptops with Linux.
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