3 or 4 days before the summer vacations, our teacher came in class and asked us to present whatever projects we've been working on and give a brief description...
Some guys went on the stage, then a few girls,
So being first time on the stage I was pretty nervous and started shaking and sweating a little bit.
I opened up the laptop and project was already open in AS, but had to restart emulator,
but the main thing was, i didn't notice the "blonde lesbians - PornHub" was minimized in the taskbar.
So I opened up cmd and typed "taskill -f -im chrome*" and it vanished. (a little fear increased)
when I finished presentation, some of the students were staring at me, so i made an excuse to go to toilet,
...and I ran out of dept.
after class finished my friends came up to me and said "we saw what was going on there in taskbar" and we laughed.

#NeverEverGoingToDoPresentationEverAgain #TrueStory

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    @AlexDeLarge believe me my man, they always do ;)
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    In PowerShell:
    ps chrome | kill
    kill -name chrome
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    Learned my lesson: no porn on computers or non-incognito on my phone. I can kill all porn windows from my lockscreen.
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    Well that's unprofessional but not much else. You didn't even imply that you belong to a minority, assuming you are male.
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    Should Google about the negatives of porn on society and you may not watch it. The people trafficking stories are awful. Nofap website worth a read.
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    @davehuk i agree, but it was for research purposes
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