Sigh.That day again where I have to work from the client's stupid office.
- Spotify blocked
- Youtube blocked
- Can't ssh to my private VM
- Office is stuffy and no fresh air.Smells like feet and french fries mixed.
- No paid lunch,I have spend my own money
Sigh. 6 more hours to go.

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    I get all of those above except...

    "No paid lunch,I have spend my own money"? Isn't this normal? Because I buy my own lunch.

    Should I talk with my boss? :p
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    @njpugh90 Nope. I pay from my pocket.
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    Setup sshd to also be reachable on port 80 or whatever, or set up OpenVPN (again on a reachable port) and you'll never have issues again.
    Then you can also forward all your traffic through your VPS. Boom
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    Tip: set you ssh Port to 8080. I use this to ssh to my server and use it as a proxy when i'm at a client.
    Most businesses have that port open. :)
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    No paid lunch here.
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    Who the fuck gets paid lunch? Where do you live?
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    in Brazil, we have paid lunch (only if you are properly employed in the company tho, I mean, not as an external... shit I don't know how to say that in English hahaha)
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    Brb coming over to brazil
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    @scroach come to Brazil, we are North-Korea-free!
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    God damn that's an even better argument. Packing up and booking my flight now... bye bye Europe:(
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    @scroach You should ask yourself that question! Where the fuck do you work without paid lunch!
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    Are we getting our paid lunches mixed up here?

    I get paid wages during the lunch period, but my boss doesn’t buy the sandwiches.
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    @mrgadget Sorry then. What i meant is that there's free lunch at the office and if i choose to eat out, i have an allowance or a meal card. Any well established company does that and am not even in a developed country
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    @CodesNotHot lucky you! 🙂
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    some trainers say that a dropping firewall helps on security, because hackers cant see the open ports and if you know which servers have complete closed ports, you can use nmap -p 1-65535 -sV SERVER to get the open ports. @jerodev many businesses use a "transparent proxy" and only port 80 and 443 and some other are open or go through the proxy
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    @vhoyer With the recent talks between Trump and Kim Jong Un, that shouldn't be a concern anymore. North Korea is getting rid of its nuclear program.
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    @mrgadget I'm paid salary, which means I get paid the same amount every day, no matter what I do.

    Some days are 13 hour death marches.
    Some days are 3 hours and relaxing.

    No expense allowance, though.
    I buy my own sushi.
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    @Root sounds like my T&Cs. 🙂
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    So you're saying, you're getting paid to eat? 😱
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    @Root well, yeah, I just didn't want to loose the joke😅
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