Who else thinks that the more ++ a user have the more experienced they are in real life

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    Why it's a rant and not joke ?
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    @Alice for example you have a lot of points, over 80k. What I mean is that I make a relation with your points with your Knowledge
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    *cough* I personally don't think that's the case hah
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    @rookiemaverick my bad, not a rant
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    I dunno, i guess I’m just an old* fart with no experience 😑

    * older then average user base form what I can tell.
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    Not true at all. The higher the ++ count is related to the amount of time a user has spent on devRant.

    The only factor that determines the amount of knowlege is the duration one spends on their skills.

    Spending a lot of time on devRant is easier than spending a lot of time honing one's skills.

    With your logic, I'm considered an ignorant fool. However, my ++ count is not related to my knowledge.
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    Probably the opposite
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    Thaaaaats really not the case
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    @Hu-bot0x58 did someone say data visualization
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    From what i have seen over the last couple days that would also imply that as soon as a person puts stickers on their laptop they suddenly become more experienced.

    *just ordered 400 stickers and 10 new laptops...by next week you might as well call me mark zuckerberg
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    You know what they say about assumptions. If someone has that many ++ it's because other people agree or like them. Not a good judge of experience or skill. Its part of the equation but not a 1 to 1 translation.
    Personality + skill + experience + followers + likable + name = ++'s its safe to say that some people say stuff that makes sense because of skill and thats why they get ++ but not an end all they might just be relatable or liked because they say whatever is on their mind. Take @linuxxx for example he says a lot of messed up stuff but its agreeable. Mostly in part due to character and experience.
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