Some people rant about hating PHP on a platform which is using PHP.

Same like 'I hate Microsoft' but using all the MS products.


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    Sadly most of the web is powered by php

    Does that mean its good?

    Fuck no.
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    Hatin Microsoft but using it just means there is no real alternative for some tasks. That's just how life is.
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    @sharktits can you provide the top 3 reasons you dislike PHP. Please don't link to the obnoxious "fractal" article. I want to hear *your* bad experience not someone else's. I mainly use PHP for prototyping and for customers who have easy access to PHP developers. My internal platforms run on a mix of C, Python and Clojure. I've used PHP extensively and embedded it in C, it certainly has quirks (as do most programming languages), but I wouldn't go as far as labelling it "bad". So a list of 3 issues *you* encountered with it would be really useful to know.
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    Give reasons.
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    @ymas before i think of 3, i was lucky to not have to use php for more than 4 months

    1) absolutely no consistency whatsoever. Not just method names, redundant functions aswell.

    2) slow. Compared to java. Yes.

    3) development took 3 months, the next job, fairly similar, took 1.5-ish in a normal modern stack.

    *1.5) maybe because im used to good compilers (ocaml, java) but the error messages were complete garbage
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    @paranoidAndroid Which MS services don't have alternatives according to you?
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    @sharktits so you know nothing about php... I’m using it for more than 15 years, for everything you could imagine, and yes, it’s definitely better than most languages. Nowadays most people doesn’t know how to code - they’re just building something using somebody’s else libraries, like with lego bricks, but without imagination.
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    @linuxxx In my personal case it's photoshop, Phase One's Capture One and the usual couple of games running only on Windows. I know there's alternatives like Gimp and Darktable, but I did't like them snd it hurts using them when I know I already paid for and have access to a better tool :D
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    @sharktits PHP is fast as heck.
    Did you try PHP7? I can agree PHP5 sucks. 7 did everything better that 5 did badly.
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    @paranoidAndroid Oh I thought you meant services, not software products:)
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    @sharktits thank you so much for your response.

    1) How have the inconsistencies affected you negatively? Can you give an example of redundancy that irked you?

    2) in over a decade of using PHP, it has not been a bottleneck in any of my projects. What was your use case where PHP was the bottleneck, I'm actually super interested in this. What were you trying to do?

    Really appreciate the response.
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    I've just read a discussion about how we should never hate technologies that we don't use. Now you're telling me we should not hate techs that we use. How am I supposed to hate stuff now?
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    @ymas sorry for the late reply, was driving

    The inconsistencies were really bothersome when dealing with a distributed database (the error messages told me absolutely nothing), also it probably was because we are mainly a java team but we kept running into... reference errors? Dont know how to put this, but objects would randomly refer to other instantiated objects' members for some reason. This could also be because of the distributed nature, but we never really figured it out.

    This kinda answers 2 aswell, but we were making a distributed system for a college, basically every service (ordering food, buying books, whatever) was a plugin for a monolithic server that centralized the services. And the monolith was a huge bottleneck, sometimes taking minutes to process the requests under load.
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