I really hate it when we have to wear formal dress to office. I feel like a marketing executive. My code stares at me with suspicious looks.

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    A lot of devs seem to have that indeed! I'm actually always wearing a suit :P
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    I work from home, no dress code. I slap a suit on for client meetings, they don't respect you otherwise.
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    I for one live in a place that is known for being extremely modest. Wearing a suit would make me feel very uncomfortable, as it is trying to put myself higher above others.
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    I work from home as well. You're lucky if I put pants on.
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    I think you mean "professional". For men, it's the same, but for women, "formal" means evening gowns, fancy makeup, and really uncomfortable shoes.

    ... But there's a chance I'm just misunderstanding your work environment.
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    One of the first things I clarify during a job interview is that I'm not going to follow any dress code. I go to my job interviews dressed in nerdy shirts. If my future employer does not agree with me, it's no place I want to work anyways.
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    Nice dress, perfect hair, red lipstick, heels.
    It scares the compiler into cooperating.

    Best way to code!
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    No dress code for me, as long as I don't show up with my shlong dangling all goes I guess
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    I wear a suit 4 days a week, casual on Fridays, so annoying to wear.

    But at home I've been coding in my t-shirt and boxers lol or whatever I'm wearing/if it's a bit cold.
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    That's why I don't work corporate.

    Our company y has a fantastic dress code "Not naked... Preferably"
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    I want to change jobs, honestly would love to just make my own company but reason I work corporate, 6 months of applying to jobs got no reply aside from two jobs, interview stage for one, told not enough leadership for an intern role, :/ got this job through a friend, good experience I guess
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