So there is this social institute I invested three years in.
Left them a record budget to play with. After being chair person for two years before and even administrating the whole 1900 of em.

Turns out they're FRICKIN' MORONS!

Instead of welcoming constructive criticism
/* which is because they can not read one single line of simple text without a fidget spinner at hand. And the second line of text, they ask their meds being upgraded! */.
They start fucking people up by spreading lies publicly!
On the fakken Web!
In so called protocols
/* which they don't manage to spellcheck before publishing. As freaking "devs" they major in */.

Just because I told them, that another institution which is conjoined to them within the universities senate, DOES NOT STAND IN COMPETITION!

They don't get it.
Is it that difficult?
Downvote if it is.
And please help me with those worm infested no brainers marrying in circles.
Its incredible how much you can achieve in some years and still so many people stay ignorant enough to start spewing their verbal vomit all over the campus thus fist fucked professors reign in, because "muh truth! no development. just money, I like money. muh moving student, not like it! not like work!".

What the hell is going on in this society?!

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    Nice rant but I didn't understand what was wrong.
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    So it seems to be me, causing this confusion.

    It's about the false statement that my critic on another body's statement would be malevolent.
    And they are publishing this lie.

    The student representatives believe another universities initiative - mine - would grab away their clients.

    But in fact, we do feed their client market, because we aim to younger clients being bound to the given university.
    Those that the criticised representatives do not even care about.

    Hope this helps to understand.
    I am still very emotional about this aggression / the attempt to publicly denounce my ~10 years social engagement ( where I might add being called to the ecenomic board of the national assembly for numerous projects (it)).

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    Was government money involved? Most probably somebody was getting money for doing nothing and your work robbed them of that privilege.
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    Yes, such 'social' or citizen development projects mostly enjoy a funding around a third, if not 80% public funding.

    The product ends up being a shit show with roughly as much damage as there would be without the project. But it keeps people working.

    So I guess it's a 'panem et circenses'-thing.
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