Is there some basic guide to privacy for (android) phones?

Like where you flash some secure ROM, get timely updates , no gapps or privacy threatening app, use secure services and alternatives mainstream ones, and use foss s/w.. And something like fdroid instead of playstore store or something..

Ignore the badly framed idea, but you get my point..

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    I'd recommend XPrivacy a module for the Xposed Framework. It enables you to spoof the data asked by apps like e.g. the contacts or telephone number.
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    @Hedgepig ohai 😊

    - lineage based or other open source rom
    - rooted
    - xposed framework with apps like xprivacy
    - root firewall (afwall+ user myself)
    - just don’t install gapps
    - f-droid and Yalp store for google play downloading without actually having google apps
    - Openvpn for Android for vpn

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    @linuxxx Which Custom ROM do you use and which one you can recommend? Pne would be Lineage OS I guess haha
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    @hypervtechnics yeah lineage but loads of roms are derived from it
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