Just go out and use Laravel. Is not that hard people.

P.S. Please rant about better things 😐

P.P.S. I'm late for the trend but you get the point...

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    bUt mY lAngUaGe iS bEtTer thAn yOuRs
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    @gintko tell us more?
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    @PrivateGER kI iS oNLy If iF If...
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    @RantSomeWhere mY StiKerS aRrIVeD
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    @gintko even if it's a pile of shit it's the smallest we have in the php environment (didn't used other frameworks other than laravel and vanilla php, but I have read something about the current situation). Maybe you can propose something better that you already used.
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    Programmers Hate Php? Nahhh: Pussies Hate Php.
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    @gintko you can use other template rather than blade, active record should be fine for most cases if you make sure no business logic is mixed in your active record models, facades are hard to trace but you can have proper debugging tool set up.
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