Boss decided to limit Wi-Fi access only to company computers.
Ended up blocking everyone, including himself.

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    lol 😄
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    @AlpineLinnix varför det? 😄
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    @AlpineLinnix haha ja jag är schweizer men mitt mor kommar ifrån norge. Mitt navn fick jag efter min onkel Stein Henrik som är oljeskip captain.
    Och mitt svensk suger.

    so what is the teaching here? prejudice sucks even more than my swedish does. 😄
    But I'm glad you've asked. Tack!
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    What does he expect to happen to moral if you guys can't browse cat videos during your toilet breaks?
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    @heyheni du redsch finnisch? Gar nöd gwüsst xD
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    @Dollique Nei Nei toby, I don't understand Finnish. But Norwegian.
    And Danish and Swedish because they are basicly just dialects.
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    @GeaRSiX forget cat videos, I want my devRant.
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    geeeenius !!
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    @AlpineLinnix well if this was mortal combat you could just FINNISH HIM!

    Love your name by the way
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    lmoa the beginning of ends bad boss
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