Well done, T-Mobile!

They have an iOS app to handle contract stuff. That app integrates their shop system via an internal browser.
The shop notifies me, that the used browser is not supported by the shop...

Oh and the browser is an embedded safari on iOS 12.

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    Probably they dont have proper qa team
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    @zemaitis I hope you are wrong. As far as I know they are by far the biggest telecommunications company in Germany.
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    @Sefie yes but it doesnt mean anything about their frontend team
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    The only reason they are still the largest ISP in Germany is only because they have a contract with the goventment that they *have* to provide you with a landline and at least DSL. They charge you a fuckton of money for shitty customer support and conditions that weren't even good 10 years ago.
    I have some friends in a coupe of the large ISPs in Germany and the Telekom just takes it away as they don't care about their customers.
    When you cancel your contract they call you and try to get you back with a 10€ discount on their overpriced shit...
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    Probably developed for IE 7
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