So... an Italian government website published sensitive data of thousand of citizens, because they thought that it was enough to turn white the text color in order to anonymize the sensitive content of the files. Italy, 2019.

Source (in Italian):

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    Now who is going to follow up on that breach, and if found guilty who is going to pay. I have an idea TAXPAYERS
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    Reminds me of those "we recorded you watch porn" emails with all available whitespace filled with leaked passwords - colored white.
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    Not GDPR compliant.
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    Heheh :) that's unfortunate.
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    Reminds me of Germany, publishing a report after an investigation about the misconduct of the secret agencies.
    As some parts were a bit embarrassing, they have blackened out some parts.

    Some times they just used black text back ground or a black overlay. Didn't take that long until people found our.
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    I like this.. pretty much only because I'm trying to learn Italian and I enjoy finding out I can't read a simple paragraph without Google translate.. oh wait, no, that part sucked.. but overall gave me the idea to hit up Italian newspapers etc
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    Made my day 😂
    Sums up how most of people understand internet.
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