Hi, I am a recruiter representing awesome projects. It's the next thing after machine learning! You would be crazy not to apply.
But the is a strict requirement: you need to have 69 years of experience in devRant. Please comment if you have serious interest.

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    69? That's a rather curious choice!
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    @manrock007 Our statistical calculations tell us: A 70 years experienced devRant developer costs too much, but a 68 years experienced devRant developer just does not have the right amount of experience that we are looking for. Thus, 69 is the sweet spot.
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    @Yeah69 I know the spots you're trying to fill!
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    Can 10 years of React experience get me a junior position?
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    @Cube189 I can offer you a PM position. But then you don't have anything to do with the actual programming. You would need to throw around buzzwords and request meetings.
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