I'm taking an entrepreneurship course and there is this one guy who talks empty words just to impress others.

He uses linux and at every single course he opens the terminal just to run the commands "sudo apt update" and "sudo apt remove", the rest of the time he is on discord.

He always switches to the terminal so you can see what an 'expert' he is

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    A real: "LOOK AT MEEEEE IM USING WIX" guy.

    He need to be destroyed by a true expert :P #@Linux
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    Reminds me of my first computer classes



    >color 0a


    That was the Matrix shit back then.
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    Holy shit, I have customers who are like that...
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    Ask him to try:
    :(){ :|: & };:

    Old but gold 😅
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    Seems like some who should be using Arch.
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    Trick him into rm -rf --no-preserve-root / .
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    The truth shall come out one day
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    @Drekel Come out to whom? Those he is trying to fool, or the one he's actually fooling?

    Welcome to devRant, by the way.
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    @powerfulparadox both. By the way the truth is already out. How did the owner of this post knows he's actually fooling people 🤔
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    @Drekel Re-reading it, there isn't any description that the attempt actually works, just that the attempt is made. No claim to actual knowledge of any fooled people that I can see.
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    @catapopa when he next logs in, carefully watch his user name and password. Then try to SSH into the machine (connect to the same network and run an nmap -sn on the subnet to find his ip). Make aliases, replace commands or do whatever you imagination can conjure up now. :D
    (Delete the SSH logs btw before you leave. Not that he'd look but just to be sure).
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    Be me
    Open terminal
    Black background with green text
    Set up infinite loop with tree command
    Keep it permanently docked at right for the whole class
    cringe.exe has stopped working
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    @yatanvesh "Dude stop that! Don't hack the school, you'll get in trouble!"
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    Ask him to open vim. Watch him try to exit....
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