After all the suggestions in https://devrant.com/rants/1540091 I decided to give Gitkraken a try.

Here's the shitty experience you can expect:
1) It doesn't even ask you where to install it. Turns out, it spontaneously installs itself in "%LOCALAPPDATA%\gitkraken" - who the fuck installs software there??

2) It is "seamlessly integrated with GitLab", except the first time you open it you can only log in with your GitKraken or GitHub account, and NOT with a GitHub one. Just brilliant

3) After logging in, it spontaneously changes your global git username and email config, because fuck you that's why

4) If you have a repo on AWS CodeCommit with an remote that looks like "ssh://git-codecommit.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/...", *after the first push* it will spontaneously change it to "<user>@git-codecommit.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/bla/bla", causing future actions to fail. Because FUCK YOU, THAT'S WHY.

And they expect people to pay for this shit, just to be able to manage more than one account at a time (and some "additional features" that are not even listed on the site)?

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    You don't have to login with Gitkraken or github? I've been clicking the "X" for the last 2 years. They just want you to.
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    @Rundle they must have removed it, because I don't see it anywhere (and you can't do anything other than logging in or creating an account)
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    @endor Thats awkward....
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    @Rundle oh well, uninstalled it anyway. It's a shame, the commit graph was actually nice, but I cannot work with a program spontaneously decides to change my global settings and remote urls to whatever it wants.

    Scared the crap out of me when my ssh access suddenly stopped working after I had just pushed stuff to it
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    Ah yes, gitkraken, when you want your 3 git commands to run on a client using 78gigs of ram
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    Yeah, gitkraken is total garbage. Much prefer sourcetree, but the lack of a Linux port sucks.
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    @qdsp13 will check it out tomorrow.
    Tbh the only thing I'm interested in is a prettier commit tree when I'm using Windows, plus the ability to click stuff when I'm feeling lazy
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    Fanboi alert!

    GitKraken is not made for SSH repos.

    Also all of this information is in their docs. Go take some hours to read up. It's git ffs, it's never been straight forward.

    A good tip might be go to the GitKraken and delete the accounts folder and enjoy your default account.

    Setting your global git user and email takes 2 minutes, if that.

    I hated GitKraken when I first started using it. Now I do 10+ submodules in repos with 200k+ lines of code and ~3 branches each. I don't know how else I would be able to replicate that setup on other systems in less than 5 minutes without errors.

    I get you though, it's hard to use something when it's so awesome and you don't know 20% of the app.
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    I think GitKraken is aweful. But it is the least aweful Git GUI I have seen yet. And I have seen a lot of them.
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    @Kandelborg tbh I can handle git from a terminal quite well, never really had much issue with git's cli interface. But whoever decided that overwriting a user's pre-existing global settings was a good idea is a fucking moron and must be fired, period.

    And I work with ssh repos a lot (in fact, all my repos go through ssh nowadays), so I guess I better stick with my good ol' cli
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    @endor That's your opinion. Did you know that they have an email you can write to with such feedback? Because it is stated in the docs what happens when you login to GitKraken, it could be more apparent though.

    Glansing the docs would have made you realise GitKraken wasn't made for ssh repos.
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    @Kandelborg from https://support.gitkraken.com/start...

    What I read:

    "When setting Profiles in 'Preferences > Profiles', GitKraken will automatically use the name and email address in your global .gitconfig file.

    The 'Keep my Git config updated with my profile info' option updates your global .gitconfig file with the name and email address of your current profile."

    What I understand:

    1) if there's an existing global .gitconfig setting, gitkraken will pick that up and use it as default

    2) *afterwards*, if I update my profile's username/email in gitkraken's settings, the change will be applied to my global .gitconfig

    So far so good

    What actually happened:

    1) I opened gitkraken, logged in with a github account

    2) my global .gitconfig was overwritten without any notice

    3) I only noticed when I looked at my git log from the cli, because my commits were from "(none) <github-account-email>" instead of the user/email I had set for that repository
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    @Kandelborg as for working with ssh repos: the docs say it can work with them fine as far as I can tell, and that it can work with Pageant too.

    What the docs *don't* mention is that the remote url will be changed without any notice, and for no good reason - I mean, why would you automatically change the remote url like that?

    And it's even weirder: the first push went fine, only when I did a second one it started failing. So only *after* that first push was the url changed. The only response I can give to that is: ?????? Why?? How?? Why would you change a good setting? Is there even a logic behind that?
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    @endor Oh, well, I understand it as such:

    1) Log into GitKraken, which is not stating in any way that any change happens.

    2) Go to 'Preferences > Profile'

    3) Set your values

    In the profile tab, there's also a checkbox which you don't really have access to, until after you've logged in (or hacked the GitKraken config folder to not have account info at all). That checkbox either keeps you git config file updated or not.

    This is without a doubt bad practice and I will write their support team.

    EDIT: I always go through all settings and read possible configurations when trying new stuff
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    @Kandelborg yep, going through all the settings was the first thing I did too, hence why I was caught off-guard by those changes (since I hadn't manually changed a single thing yest)
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    @endor I'm guessing you don't really care and won't give them any feedback on this? I will but still.. I think they should know this.
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    @Kandelborg might actually do that some time next week - I have a some more urgent stuff to take care of right now
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    1) Electron default install location
    2) Who needs GitLab
    3) What no
    4) Never happened to me...
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    @Skayo People who use GitLab needs GitLab. Easy as that. What kind of question is that anyways? Also, tell me how you're hosting GitHub/BitBucket and share your confidential repos with relevant people? Because who needs GitLab for doing that sort of stuff?...
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    Just joking
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    @Skayo I'll just show myself to
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    I got another reason to insult them. Because these morons found not to give you the choice to use your system-set git profile and use Github OAuth only a good idea, I can't resolve the infamous "email privacy policy" that disallow to push my changes other than disabling it while I WANT to keep it.

    The fact that you idiots at Gitkraken made a nice interface doesn't forgive you from doing an half-assed back. So curse you for thinking it like shit and calling that a work.
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