Very tired lately, also not very hungry ... And when I am hungry the food just doesn't taste like it used to 🤔 anyone had something lik this and maybe some tips on how to battle this?!

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    dont try to sleep or let your body become overly tired so you actually sleep.

    eat healthier food.

    stare at the clouds
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    @zlice I do excercise, walk 5km average a day (based on year total) most days 1,5+ hours active time ...
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    I have figured that intermittent fasting + 4 tea bags of green tea ( coffee comes after first meal, after 1p.m ) makes me sharp through out the entire day. Maybe try that? Also I occasionally visit gym and cycle to work.
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    I recommend the doctors these could be symptoms of something

    Unusual changes like this on a relatively healthy person means something could be wrong

    Unless you changed your diet of late ?
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    @FitzSuperUser not that I am aware of ... My father died recently and after that I've switched jobs, so it might be somewhat stress related... Altho I don't really feel stressed

    Ima sleep an hour earlier this week, if the issues persist then I'm definitely gonna visit the doctor
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    @DanijelH I'ma try more green tea, thx for the tip!
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    I was going to suggest exercise and outdoor walks but I see you're already doing that. If you've had this issue for a while you should probably talk to a doctor. Also make sure you're eating enough fresh fruit and vegetables.
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    @ElaineG thank you
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