@dfox I keep getting an error when trying to post my wk112 rant :\
It does have about 4986 characters in total...
All I get is "There was an error creating the rant."

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    I just realized there is a bug repo LMAO
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    @Floydian prides himself on being a tester, after all.
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    @S-Homles @Floydian any nominations?
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    @Floydian I guess so.
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    @Condor does this sound familiar?
    Few weeks ago I guess you had this kind of a problem. Except your character count was way below limit and I commented that near the character limit the app crashes.
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    @silverstar yeah, I had it a few times too when I get close to the 2000 chars in comments and the 5000 in rants. Would be interesting to know how these requests are handled and whether any payload other than the comment is perhaps sent, and included in the character count.
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