“It’s okay, you can go, the pain will be over soon, thanks for everything, I love you”

I never thought saying these words to my cat would be so hard.

I’ll miss you.

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    aw, been there too, it's sad :(
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    @AlexDeLarge Thanks! When we got her she was very visibly mentally and less visibly physically abused for probably about 8 years. Even slightly raising a hand would make that she wouldnt come out from under the couch for hours. That got better slowly and after a year those symptoms were nearly gone and she started to trust us. She just never grew up due to the abuse and had a few kitten-like things she did and still does to this day.

    That made her quite unique and I like to believe that we gave her enough love to make at least half her life a good one :)
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    @AlexDeLarge my dog was little fucking bastard, but it was good dog and I miss him. Doesn't matter if pet/human deserve to die, but if you love him you will miss and always you could find some awesome memories.

    @linuxxx sincerely condolences, thats really hard to let go someone who you love...
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    @AlexDeLarge Apparently somebody downvoted you but let me just say that I appreciate your comment.
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    aww the damn ninjas are cutting onions again. This sucks so much, I feel you. you did great in giving her a good, loving home and making sure she received good care. my upright condolences.
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    Sorry for your loss.. cats are amazing pets indeed, and having to let go of them is shattering... May she rest in peace.
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    She isn’t gone yet by the way but this was my last opportunity of seeing her because I’ve got a busy life. It’ll end later this week, though.
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    @AlexDeLarge bah, people getting offended by everything nowadays. Such people should be the very people to occupy that train. Sacrifices for our lords and saviors, the cats!
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    Sorry for your loss. I also got a dog who’s 12 years old, I’m afraid this day gonna come
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    @devTea Let’s hope he/she will follow my cat as for age, we’re not entirely sure but she should be 16 or 17 in human years!
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    @linuxxx your cat was just 1.5 years old? also my condolences, especially because you can't actually say good bye, I lost one of my most beloved dogs (he was abused before too, but became really attached once adopted and would go beyond his strengths to run with us on walks) while on a very far away holiday, it really breaks your heart being so far away, I feel with you. Remember that your cat and my dog had the best rest of their life, that really calms me too.
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    I'm sorry. 😿
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    My condolences. Hope you get over it soon.
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    May he/she rest in peace
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    My condolences.
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    I reckon that cat had an amazing friend in you. Sorry for your loss!
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    My condolences buddy, I know that feel, lost more than five pets already... :(
    God, now I'm depressed. Damn. Came here for fun, left with dem feels ☹️
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    Don't even have a pet right now but I've been through many pet losses. We need to celebrate the fact that humans can create these kinds of relationships at all, I think.

    My condolences good sir.
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    My condolences, losing a good friend isn't easy :(
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    Is terrible. I had a dog for eleven years. I love her so much. She was ill; I was on vacations and she got worse. I had to say goodbye on the phone. It was and still is crushing.

    That was 5 years ago; the bad news is: I still feel sad sometimes when I think about her, the good news is, I have never forgotten her and I don't think I ever will :')

    Be strong, I'm sure she'll be ok and she's thankful for your friendship.
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    RIP {cat_name}
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    Oh dear :( . All my condolences. It is always really difficult to say that to the ones' whom you love so much and had been such a big part of our lives . Be Strong
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    Damn. I feel for you. I'm not looking forward to having to put down my cat soon as well. He's like, 16+ years old. ;_;

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    @hugh-mungus I can understand your anger (he didn't say a nice thing about humans in general), but what you did is basically tell him to kill himself, which I feel you shouldn't do
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    @JoshBent I meant in literal human years, she was 16-17 so idk but old.
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    @hugh-mungus Respectfully, could you leave this out of my rant?
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    @linuxxx as far as I know when you says human years it means that you convert earth years to abstract unit which says how old will be human to have similar health condition as your animal. I don't know how it is calculate, but could be something like human_years_of_cat = cat_years/average_cat_lifespan * average_human_lifeapan
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    @hugh-mungus I did carefully consider that. I’m definitely not going to comment further on this as I’ve got other prios right now but the fact that Alex is saying this in a more rhetorical way (imo) and you seem to be attacking him with a ‘why don’t you start with killing yourself’ sentence which doesn’t sound very rhetorical made why I said that.

    Apart from that, Alex seemed to try and support me which is something i very much needed at that point while you could have simply downvoted or reported that comment and start that new thread right away instead of commenting something which was quite disrespectful especially on a rant like this.

    But anyways, I’m stopping this here.
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    Gosh, I've also had the experience. I loved my cat so god damn much, but she developed a tumour so we couldn't do more than to stop her pain. I was 8 at the time, and I still remember her, almost 8 years later
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    God damnit, reading this rant and the comments again and realizing she’ll be gone when I get out of work tomorrow, crying my eyes out right now.

    Not doing this for attention, just fuck
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    @linuxxx She will left in your mind with this awesome memories and warmth connected to them. I know it is pain, because you lose opportunity to get more of this memories, but she will no suffer more. I know that doesn't help too much, but fuck... This is how world goes...
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    @jackconnorhull @Omnisus @AlexDeLarge thanks for the support (also for everyone else), she went out peacefully while having a cuddle on the lap of one of my parents. She’s out of pain now.
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    @linuxxx Good bye cat...
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    Your cat trusted you:
    Like a cat trusts.
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    Oh god. My condolences. I know that feeling; my first cat died in my arms.

    Man you put tears in my eyes. Excuse me. Need to hug my boys
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    I got my little girl very early because the former owners were some poor people who insisted on selling her as early as possible because they needed the money. I thought to myself: if I'm not gonna get her some others will!
    so I brought her home, let her sleep next to me in my bed and fed her cat milk from a bottle. I taught her to go to the toilet and stayed home a while to not let her alone.
    nowadays one sees on her behaviour she was given away way too early. as nobody can touch her everybody is like "that fucking crazy cat!". but the relationship between her and me is very special. I am the only one allowed to touch her, pick her up and cuddle with her. I am the only one allowed to give her the love she needs. And she gives me so much back. the day she has to leave me will definitely be one of my darkest hours.

    my deepest condolences. from all of my heart.
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