In approximately 9 hours I'm probably going to humiliate myself in a meeting
I was given 5 days to write a sh script.
And guess what..
I still have not started

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    Filename: something.sh


    echo ""Processing...";

    Say in the meeting that it was working before you came into the meeting. You now have a reason to reschedule the meeting.
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    @error503 well if someone else in the meeting is a dev and an asshole then op will be caught and prob scolded or fired for lying.
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    @error503 @AleCx04 mostly all of them are senior devs and lead is has PhD in ML 😐
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    @AleCx04 okay in that case OP is fucked. God bless.
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    Maybe start doing it.
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    @TRex how was the meeting?
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    @cafecortado did approximately 60% of the work by pulling an all nighter and asked team lead for extension stating ✌️some issue✌️ with python scripts that they provided me ,just before the meeting started. surprisingly he agreed and gave me 3 more weeks😂😁yay
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