CAPS LOCK – Preventing Login Since 1980.

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    Tell me: why is this tagged as joke?
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    @gitreflog I think we need rant/joke category
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    Just remap the key to something else, like ctrl or esc.
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    Made my day!!

    Keep up my man.
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    Or disable caps.
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    @AlpineLinnix yes it is. 😎
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    @shellbug Yes, it's great! With the regular settings in Windows you can at least make Shift disable Caps. I've switched since then to unbind Caps completely on Windows. And on my Linux laptop, Caps is an additional backspace and pressing both Shift keys toggles holding shift (arrow keys select and so on). Just one problem with that: TeamViewer already has problems with Shift and Caps, for example pressing a single Shift key on my laptop makes all inputs to the remote computer act like I'm holding Shift afterwards and when I'm controlling my Windows PC, it gets even crazier and I sometimes can't get out of perma-Shift at all, because TeamViewer's bug, my laptop's custom Shift and Caps behaviour and my desktop PC's Shift and Caps behaviour all collide and mess each other up.
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    Quitting vim - helping front-end engineers with generating random strings since 1980

    Haha sorry front-end people, shamelessly riding a wrong stereotype but it's muito lit 😂😂
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