Got stucked in a problem with recursion in php, almost 2 days no sign of progress until i told my co worker how my code works, then i found the error and it work. I think developers need to talk about the code to realize whats wrong with the code.

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    That's called rubber duck debugging. It actually works.
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    What do you think all of our ducks are for?
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    @GMR516 i dont have one
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    @Cesar There's your problem, then.

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    @GMR516 do they ship in asia?
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    @Cesar I quickly checked and it looks like they do. Try it!
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    @Cesar if you have imaginary friends, you don't even need the duck
    problem/weird thing is, most people feel weirder talking to inanimate objects than imaginary persons.
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    get yourself a rubber ducky
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    The duck doesn't work. You'll tell it only what's obvious, what you understand. A person will ask to clarify something, which is the thing you need.

    Or, you could try writing a stack overflow question while holding the rules beside you. By the time you finish writing, you usually solve it.
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