I felt a bit sorry for MS this morning so logged into dev rant using MS Edge only to see that my notifs are completely missing, don't even render lol. Every time I try something like this I wind up going back to chrome (which I am using now) within minutes. Edge genuinely is a terrible browser, (and I think I'm right in thinking is the most expensive one ever developed). Goes to show you can't compete with wealth!

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    It's funny how other people seem to be having problems with Microsoft's stuff all the time but I rarely do
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    @Torbuntu well I'm an undergrad so I'm still learning stuff, but edge doesn't misbehave. I mostly use Ubuntu though 😅. (Rails and ML)
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    @Torbuntu pretty much, but when I do, it works fine
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    I wish that I had your experience of edge, I really do.
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    @cervantes01 why not use Firefox?
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    @ausername I do sometimes but for some reason I'm usually using chrome, as it has really good dev tools.
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