10 out of my last 10 clients are too dumb to set up their email accounts in Outlook / their smartphone...

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    conclusion: dumb people hire developers. Be nice to dumb people they are the ones who are paying you 😆
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    why not simply set up a step by step tutorial on your website as part of your service?
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    HAHAHAHAHHAHH....tutorials.....HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA..step by step video guides in super slow motion for retarded chimps...


    I just spend 15min on phone and whatsapp to guide my client through the steps...and guess what????!?!?

    We have to fucking meet!!!
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    I don’t think this is new to all of us
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    @2nd2NULL no offense! but some screenshots that can be printed by your customer (gibe to them) may reduce your effort to 4 to 6.
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    @erroronline1 they have all that....in all forms possible...plus me on the phone....still they are unable
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