10 out of my last 10 clients are too dumb to set up their email accounts in Outlook / their smartphone...

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    conclusion: dumb people hire developers. Be nice to dumb people they are the ones who are paying you 😆
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    why not simply set up a step by step tutorial on your website as part of your service?
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    @erroronline1 That way not only he wouldn't have to waste time on explaining how to do it to every single client but also he couls get some hits from people who searched for that tutorial.
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    HAHAHAHAHHAHH....tutorials.....HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA..step by step video guides in super slow motion for retarded chimps...


    I just spend 15min on phone and whatsapp to guide my client through the steps...and guess what????!?!?

    We have to fucking meet!!!
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    I don’t think this is new to all of us
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    @2nd2NULL no offense! but some screenshots that can be printed by your customer (gibe to them) may reduce your effort to 4 to 6.
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    @devTea We were prepared for these moments since we touched our first PC and solved our first hardware or software issue. From that day on nothing was the same... We became IT Gods in eyes of our family, friends, neighbors,... We could fix the printer - just by looking at it!!! And email accounts by snapping our fingers! 😀
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    @erroronline1 they have all that....in all forms possible...plus me on the phone....still they are unable
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