I don't want to be hostile towards any person here on devRant but I think this profile gotta be kicked out.
Fucking scammers in a place of peace.

Username : @robert21

PS : Can you help summoning dfox here?

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    @dfox I summon you to swing your ban hammer.
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    Let’s see how many minus this guy gonna have
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    @RantSomeWhere I know, I was there when that happened
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    Now he will write the same thing here
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    Oh and one interesting thing is that this profile was registered less than 24 hours ago.
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    Well, I am more concerned about the bug I encountered.

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    @dfox this also happened in safari
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    Don't know why but link wasn't opening in the app
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    @YourNemesis had the same issue, thanks for the link!
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    Funny thing about his scam is the question why he wouldn't just use these cards himself.
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    Wait a second. He gave us his mail. Lets spam the spammer back!
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    @hubiruchi nah. Let's build a bot to do that. 😏
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    Damn, I missed it.
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    Looks like I'm late to the party again T_T stupid sleep schedule!!!
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    Fuck I missed it :(. At least, the mighty devRant gods have brought their wrath upon him.
    What was he selling this time? How many --?
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    @Brosyl "hacked" ATM cards that draw/spend money without debit from a bank account.
    He was charging upto 5.2k USD for a 100k USD spending limit per month.
    And he left an Outlook email address to contact him
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    @silverstar Well isn't that stupid? Why would he not use them instead of selling them for less? 😂
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    @Brosyl just as much as it is for a Nigerian prince to ask for 5k to transfer 100k (:
    And believe it or not.. there are people that actually fall for it. Well they're mostly located on Facebook so that's good.. not sure if any of the peeps here would be affected but eh, one can always try I guess :P
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    I've got a good one on the matter :

    My sister's husband (H) on the phone with a random girl (G) :
    G: Congratulations, you won 100k in our great lottery to which you were automagically registered because of random shit!
    H: Oh serious? Wow! Th... Thanks! Oh dude, I never won anything! That's great! I'm moved, I'm sorry for the cries..'
    G: That's normal Sir, of course. We are really glad for you.
    H: I'll do soooo much with this money. Buy a new car at last, finish to build my house, gift my children some holidays for the first time...
    G: That is awesome! To receive your prize, we need you to send us 5000 euros for administrative and legal stuff.
    H: Well, I just won 100k. Take the 5000 on it, you dumb bitch.
    G: We can't, because the money is locked by lawyers and let me come up with stupider reasons.
    H: Yeah right, and you thought I had fall for it? Go eat shit and stop rustling people's balls. My time is actual money, you know.

    There is also this story on YT of an old woman who fell incredibly in love with Elio di Rupo, a Belgian politician for those who don't know him. The poor ex-Prime Minister had some money problems in some stranger countries, but he felt such strong feelings for her...
    The actual guy is gayer than a rainbows&dildos themed Starbuck's...
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    @Brosyl this is gold, haha! Thanks for the laugh XD
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    @Condor Weirdly enough, that's exactly what that far relative of me answered when I kindly sent him money to unblock the inheritance we had to share from the death of an old old uncle. 🤔
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    @Brosyl I've never heard of that variation yet.. an old old uncle's inheritance, perhaps I'd even fall for that one as well:')
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