I brought my laptop on vacation, but I left my archiso USB drive at home, assuming I wouldn't break anything.

I broke networkmanager. I just added a connection, it worked flawlessly, but for some reason it is now a reason to stop booting. It enters emergency mode, but I can't type anything... Possibly because it doesn't have read/write access or something idk.

But how on Earth would this break my system??? I'm beginning to understand why some people dislike systemd sometimes...

I guess I'll fix it when I come home...

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    Usb virus?
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    @skprog What? No, I just broke stuff, I think I shouldn't have created a duplicate connection in networkmanager. It seems to have broken something. Just me being derpy. I don't have any USB drive here.
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    Not able to use grub into recovery mode?
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    @dufferz I'm using refind with a fancy looking theme that hides a lot of things. Maybe there's some kind of keybind or something idk. Edit: apperently pressing f2 twice should do the trick.
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    I'm completely lost, it says "Failed to start network service", but I disabled systemd-networkd...
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    I fixed it, had to remove a file I created in an attempt to make Android tethering work. TIL I can fix a broken system without a live USB drive. (and that I shouldn't blindly copy stuff from archwiki without reading about what I'm actually doing)
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