What IS devops??

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    More work for the same pay?
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    IS is Information Systems
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    automating test case processes to make developers life easier
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    Making devs do sysops... Devs hate repetetive mundane tasks and will more often than not automate that shit.

    Give devs access to APIs for spinning up servers (openstack, docker,kubernetes,cloud foundry, heroku or whatever),

    make them QA their own shit (automated testing/tdd etc),

    make them deploy it (build pipelines,continous integration/deployment),

    tell them to scale it endlessly (micro services/serverless),

    put them on call for fixing shit that breaks in the night (self healing/chaos engineering)

    and the list goes on and will keep growing...
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    thats the kindergardener for the devs?
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    Think it is lived from company to company differently. In ours it’s pretty much: you’ve build the product, you run it.
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    @sticreations where i currently work its you test while developing, automated tests and a dedicated testteam.
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    It's fuck all.
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