*Signs in to Outlook*

"You signed out of your account.
It's a good idea to close all browser windows."

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    That pisses me off so much.

    I'm a visiting student at a community college for a few cheap classes.

    I'm a full-time student at a 4 year university.

    Both of them use Outlook.

    But I can't check both fuck email accounts in the same session. It's fucking bullshit.
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    @Stuxnet Use 2 incognito windows, or firefox + chrome.




    Specifies the directory that user data (your "profile") is kept in. Defaults to $HOME/.config/google-chrome . Sepa‐

    rate instances of Google Chrome must use separate user data directories; repeated invocations of google-chrome will

    reuse an existing process for a given user data directory.

    Which means you can run two completely seperate instances of chrome, just use this commandline option to specify different path for one of them
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    Close browser, option => restore previous session.

    But yeah, anoying and stupid as trump after taking meth.
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    I usually just have an incognito window open for my second account, but definitely frustrating
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    @Stuxnet There is a feature called container tabs in firefox recently.. Look into that.. You can have seperate instances of the websites in seperate containers.. Cool feature that.
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    @aEEEdev Basically commandline option found it's GUI :D
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