Are you the same?

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    This happens to me on random days. Example today I was like fuck I have go and work on excel data again.
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    It's the worst when I plan to come in at 8, but it doesn't matter as long as I punch in until 9:59.. Guess who storms into office at 9:58 :D
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    I can't be punctual on mornings. If I had a job where I had to be at work at 7:30 sharp I would be in trouble.
    So always negotiate working hours. It saves you a lot of cumber.
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    happenes to me right now. Last month was so rediculous I'm still tired af from it. I want a holiday so bad.... I'm avoiding doing work I was looking forward to earlier... fk it.
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    And this is why I’m self-employed. That, and my sleep schedule has been so fucked up by years of abuse that I can get a full night’s rest, show up at 9am, and still end up alternating which hand I’m falling asleep on every 15 minutes for the next several hours. I get my work done on time, but I’d be in hot water if I had to be productive between 9-5.
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    Everyday at my old job and yet, still wasn't fired.
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    Every single day.
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    When I remember that error that's been bugging me for days
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    It seems all of you have at least once suffered from this.. All of we are on the same board I guess..
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    Some days I hate being a dev and some days it's the most amazing thing in the world. go figure :))
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    No, because i don't have to touch Linux 😂😂😂
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