[ WEBDEV frontend QUESTION ]
I will need to build a new admin dashboard for representing a lot of data from the api. the API is written in PHP and this won't change. We are currently using jquery to make the data interactive (choose date ranges, different filters and so on). Were currently using morris.js for charts. I'm thinking this would be a good opportunity to learn and use a new js framework to make the data more easily bindable on buttons and selects (not so many listeners on buttons and shit like that).I will be developing the front end on my own, alone, so i mostly have freedom here. I need something that has implementations of chart rendering, and which I could learn in a week or two in the evenings after work (starting to work on this in the next week probably). What are your guys recommendation? Whats the best option for dashboards js wise? I was thinking vue, won't I shoot myself in the foot for using a new technology(for me anyway) right from the bat?

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    Personal preference but I’d choose Vue, I’m also not much of a front end developer either but I know my way round Vue.
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    the php framework laravel uses vue js as a standard. So yes. plus with vue you get nice animations and transitions for free.

    🎥 https://youtu.be/Vp37fWKOlV4
    Animating VUE - Sarah Drasner
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