That moment when you get started as a junior frontend and end up having to design a couple databases. I dont know shit about that. 😱 also in between I happen to become sort of unofficial IT staff in this music school. I'm confused. Not a proper rant, but just wtf? At least I'm getting money... someday. Maybe. 😲
At least I'll have my voice and piano lessons covered. 🌟

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    Read learn adapt! Hope theres more frontendsy stuff after the bump 👍🖖
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    @karma You know, I'm actually for learning new things. Also I think I could like backend more, so if I have chance to dwell into it, then yeah let's do it!

    Just panicking at the thought I don't know where to start. I mean, my only experience with db to this day has been tweaking stuff in MySQL to make a bunch of db-bassed CMS actually work XD

    What I'm realistically doing this moment is running frantically in my room screaming "sanitize the input yaaaaaaargggghhhhhhhh" while I look like an irish viking on LSD.
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